So 2021 goes out with a whimper…..

What a year it has, and hasn’t, been…. Certainly the photo-mojo has not been at the forefront as Covid continued to be the dominating theme of the year both at and away from work. I’m cautiously optimistic things might perhaps just be starting to get better and that Omicron might even mark a move towards more transmissible but hopefully increasingly less dangerous variants, which oddly could be just what we need to emerge out of this ongoing mess.

In the meantime, there were still some lovely moments – such as the featured photo above of a typical British summer afternoon (windy) at Hunstanton beach on the North Norfolk coast. Also some nice scenes to and from work in London recently, such as this one as I emerged from St Pancras station on the way to work – this is the Crick Institute in lovely morning light:

The same evening, I walked through an eerily quiet city on my way to the South Bank and caught my first sight of the city lights from Thames for really quite some time:

Let’s hope 2022 turns out to be a good year of renewal. Although it had its highlights, I’ll be largely happy to see the back of 2021 and hope that anyone still reading this has a much better year to come!

By Jon Schick

Hertfordshire-based, I work for the National Health Service but try and fit in some photography on a regular basis. Not so much during the recent lockdown era, but here's hoping things can only get better in 2021....

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