I’ve not gone away….

Just been busy at work and fighting off a nasty dose of man-flu.  Lovely walks to and from a meeting in London today though – ironically I was at an event about pharmacy and medicines management, and dosed up to the hilt with placebo cold remedies.


Not so long ago that the Guy’s Hospital Tower would have been the largest building here

The weather was glorious today so I enjoyed a short wander to and from the event.  I brought the X100 with me – partly because I was wondering whether I could deal with using it as my only camera for some travels in the summer.


A slightly different view of Tower Bridge!

Much as I really enjoyed using it, I think the jury is out so far; not because of its fixed focal length but more because even with the latest firmware I was suffering a few more operational glitches than I really wanted – and missed some photographs as a result.  For example, there were occasions when it simply refused to turn on, or took an age doing so (I mean the best part of half a minute).  And having used my Olympus cameras a lot recently, I’m not sure that I’m enjoying the colours from the Fuji quite as much – I find the way Olympus does skies much more appealing, with the Fuji having a tendency towards a greeny/cyan cast.


Early morning – on the way to the meeting

I’m going to persevere for a while because there is so much to like about the X100 – but it’s also just a bit more of a battle than I think it ought to be.


Ancient and just a bit of modern – part of London’s charm.  Nice golden morning light too


This block in Wapping was a few hundred yards from the Tower above, and close to a new development with apartments ranging from £1.6m to £5.6m!


St Katherine’s Dock – boat probably costs more than the apartments I just mentioned


On the train home back to a part of London where it is possible to buy property for less than a 7 figure sum.  One advantage of the Fuji is that it is quite discrete and people don’t seem to be threatened by it or even notice it most of the time

Nice to have a day when I was able to make the most of the weather for once – but apparently normal service will resume tomorrow.  Oh well, this year’s summer was nice while it lasted 🙂

By Jon Schick

Hertfordshire-based, I work for the National Health Service but try and fit in some photography on a regular basis. Not so much during the recent lockdown era, but here's hoping things can only get better in 2021....

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