Sometime you can’t avoid flower shots

It’s a cliche but after months of England’s grey season, the flowers and blossoms beg to be noticed and it’s been fabulous to get some warm weather and blue skies over the past few days too.  These blossoms are from trees on our road in SE London, and generally only last a few days until the next load of wind and rain – forecast for tomorrow, which makes sense because it’ll be the weekend!  Another occasion when I can’t decide whether things look better in colour or monochrome: the E-1 is renowned for its colour, but you can get some great black and white images from it too, and I rather like the high key version below.  I think it has a slightly oriental look, which feels quite appropriate for a cherry blossom:




Published by

Jon Schick

South East London-based, I work for the National Health Service but try and fit in some photography on a regular basis. A ridiculous and expanding number of cat companions provide some photographic material when the going gets really tough (it's the internet - gotta have a cat photo) but the almost-grown kids stay as far away from the lens as possible!

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