Never done this before!

On my way home after a visit to my parents, and I’ve just been processing raws to JPEGs in camera, and then using the image app supplied with the D Lux to load on to my iPad – and here’s the proof…so far removed from waiting for film to be developed and returned in my youth….

I enjoyed some nice weather in the North West yesterday, and the trees are still almost skeletal up there – leaves are yet to come – which I think makes them more interesting.  I’m also enjoying the 1:1 aspect ratio – the antithesis of the modern widescreen and panoramic view.


imageIt was nice to see some blossom – everything here is a couple of weeks behind London where I live – when I get home later I expect most of our blossom will be well past its best:

imageAll photos D Lux 109.



PS – having now seen these on my screen at home I don’t think I’d make a habit of processing from raw to JPEG in camera – they’ve turned out more vibrant and contrasty than I expected, which hasn’t done the gentle scenes I saw in reality any favours.  Lesson learned…..

I hate Mondays…..

All thrilled to be on the way to work on the Bakerloo Line this morning!

A quick snap using my PanaLeica LX100/D Lux which goes with me most places unless I want to take an interchangeable lens camera.  My version is the D Lux which I figured was worth an extra £25 over the Panasonic. It’s as close as I’m ever going to get to owning a Leica and I think it’s only right to post some monochrome images from it.  It’s a shame I was squashed by the window on the tube – if I’d been on the other half of my seat the framing of this image would have been better (no hand pole) but it was still a fun short distraction on the way to work.

Spring colour and cold nights

A nice dog-walk in Brockwell Park near home this morning (SE London).

I took advantage of the mild weather and blue skies whilst they were there – the weekend doesn’t look so good sadly.  I think both of these images are helped by the fact that the trees aren’t in leaf yet – especially the first.  They’re both from the X100 (original) with TCL – 50mm equivalent focal length.

The Photographers Block--12

I also listened to a TWiP podcast with Valerie Jardin this afternoon, extolling the virtues of gear avoidance syndrome and wandering around with one camera, one lens (prime), and pushing yourself to make the most of it. I suspect the results are all the better for making you think that bit harder.  In some ways, I think I get that kind of discipline with my E-1 – in that instance I know I only have 5MP to play with, so I work hard to get the framing right first time because I really don’t have much ability to crop afterwards.

The Photographers Block--13I’m also often surprised when I see (and hear) people “run and gun” with continuous shooting, presumably hoping that at least one of their images will turn out as they hoped.  I can understand it for sports or some wildlife photography and it can be quite helpful with very long lenses.  But the discipline of making one image at a time, slowing down, being careful with framing and pressing the shutter when you’re ready appeals so much more.  However, here’s an image which does come from a burst of a few frames – it really increases the success rate when at the longest end of my Lumix 100-300 zoom.  It’s going to be a cold night tonight….

The Photographers Block--11Have a good weekend!


South Bank snapshots

I planned a couple of hours out to go to Borough Market near London Bridge today and then found my daughter was able to join me too.  An opportunity not to be missed, but the photography took a back seat not least because she finds it embarrassing (well at least unless it’s her taking snaps with her ‘phone).  Still, I managed to sneak a few in when I think she wasn’t looking, mostly between Borough Market and Blackfriars.  Once again, I reached for the E-1 today (aka digital dinosaur) – the weather was decidedly changeable which made it an obvious choice, but it also just seems to fit with me at the moment – I think I may be feeling old as I head towards a “significant” birthday later this year……



I wish I could go with a shopping list to Borough Market…. but it would bankrupt most of us!  Going to have to stick with Sainsbury’s although I did come back with rather more cheese than I’d planned.


It’s been a while since I set foot in the Tate Modern, and once again the space and scale of the building ended up being more interesting to me than some of the art that was on display.  This huge piece by Frank Tuttle was eye-catching and astonishing because of its sheer size.  The warm colours of the Indian fabric were lovely too.  It certainly filled this end of the turbine hall.  But I’m not sure I have an awful lot more to say about it…


And actually the size of the turbine hall is almost more impressive when it’s nearly empty.  I must admit I think the E-1 with its ancient sensor did a pretty good job here – the dynamic range is quite impressive and the noise isn’t too bad as long as you stick to base ISO:


These guys are South Bank fixtures and often found around Blackfriars/Waterloo.  I rather like the fact that this really doesn’t look anything like Central London, and somehow they seemed to be enjoying themselves a little more from their new temporary busking ground.



A rose, times two

A couple of dog-walk photos from our local park last weekend.  I can’t decide which one I prefer.


The colour version probably has the better (or at least more conventional) composition, but the imperfections on the leaves draw my attention from the flower.  The monochrome version (below) appeals to me more because it draws attention to the bloom – even though it doesn’t adhere to the rule of thirds.  Well, we know what they say about rules….


Both courtesy of Olympus E-1.



Landscape Photography Magazine

Link to free issue of LPM….

I don’t generally buy photography magazines any more.

At least in the UK they seem to go through the same annual cycle: something about black and white photography, a wedding special, an article about why you should always use ND filters to turn water into milk in a cliche long exposure, and a load of reviews of gear I can’t afford that aren’t as informative as the best sites on the web in any case.  Add into the mix a load of over-saturated and over-sharpened images, and I’ve decided that with a few notable exceptions ( eg occasional issues of the BJP), I have better things to do with my money.

That said, I suspect there are quite a few electronic magazines out there which I’ve never seen, and there are some great articles in the free downloadable annual edition of Landscape Photography Magazine.  The focus is definitely more on the photography and less on the gear, which is rare and welcome, and I’d highly recommend a look.  Link here: